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  1. Ellie

    HBGames.org the eZine - Issue 10

    In this third of Ellie's eZines, Reygekan looks at the concept of a Game Over screen and whether it is still suitable for a modern RPG. Meanwhile, Sophist reviews Super Mario RPG: The Seven Sages, while Guardian starts the first of his interviews, tis time with supershigi, creator of Melolune.
  2. HBGames.org the eZine - Issue 5

    In this issue from way back in 2006, edited by Lene and the eZine team, Treg interviews Artbane and Volrath, creators of the 2008 HBGames.org Game of the Year, Master of the Wind. Meanwhile, Artbane himself takes a look at creating imaginative dungeons, while Near Fantastica continues his...

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