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None Pizza With Left Beef

None Pizza With Left Beef

Your name is Thoren Emit. You are an Heir of Time from a completely unrelated session. It's been years since you played. You're already settled down with a wife and everything at this point.

You are however, an active homestuck reader as well. It only makes sense to study the most impressive case-study in sessions gone wrong in order to survive, after all.

Okay sure, you did die an unavoidable death, but you do have a soulbot to replace your old body now. With the upgrades you gave it, it's honestly better than your old meat-suit anyways.

Anyway, you have been tasked by me, your pal lavenderSiren, to take a trip to Earth C and help me write a better homestuck epilogue. Get into your big rig and roll into the green sun-er, black hole.

I'll be with you every step of the way.


This game was originally started for the Homestuck's 11th Birthday jam on itch.

It also has a comic version! Read it here! I often update it a couple times a week!
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