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Please don't publish my off-topic tangents as if I were talking to the general public.
Apologies, that was the point of making the thread but I didn't make that clear. I just thought what you posted was interesting and insightful.
Impeccably professional looking. Covered a decent range of what's available, though almost felt like it was missing something in terms of content.
Keep up the good work!
What a great issue! Was a fun read with some interesting topics covered throughout. Definitely a fan of the humour present, and the layout and design of each page is top notch.

PS: I did click it, I did!
Fun little game to play with friends! Might want an alarm as time will fly! Definitely worth an afternoon on this with you & your friends! :-)

[+] Lovely graphics with unique character designs.
[+] Good Voiceover and sound effects.
[+] Fun gameplay that rewards teamwork.

[-] Limited to a singular map.
[-] Array of weapons & tools is small.
This is a fun horror game that is definitely worth a shot, if you don't mind the religious theme!

[+] Tensions escalate well.
[+] Interacting with items around the room is a novel way to defeat enemies!
[+] The outdoor scenes are really well mapped.
[+] Good use of lighting.
[+] Life dependencies and and decisions is a fun system!

[-] Exploration is too linear.
[-] Repeats the same jump scares.
I really admire the work you're putting towards this thing. It's going to be a super useful tool in the coming days.
This is certainly an interesting game! It has had a lot of time and attention thrown at it, and it really shows. If you haven't played one of Remi's games, this is a great one to try.

The good:
[+] Great visuals; complete with emotive character art, great locations and some nice cinematics.
[+] The world seems interesting, and it really makes you want to find out more about what is going on in this screwed up place.
[+] Sound effects fit well, with some great music. Even features some choice voice over!
[+] Combat mechanics are a great idea and I've not seen something quite like it before. The boss battles definitely are a challenge... they aren't scared to whoop your arse!
[+] Plenty of save points means you are never far from your last death!

The bad:
[-] Dialogue is hard, and sometimes this game gives you wooden or overly verbose dialogue.
[-] Weapons feel anaemic and are lacking on feedback. The weapon modes whilst moving feel clunky to use as you can only move the direction you're looking.
[-] An autosave or skip-all button feels needed; hard fights often begin with a bunch of text to mash through.
I love Eric's work! He coves so many genres and they're all top notch pieces. I've had the pleasure to use some of them in my own work. You guys should really check out the plethora of pieces he has put out! :)

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